Attend the 2018 SMRR Convention

July 29, 2018

John Adams Middle School Cafeteria

12:30-1:00

Begin 1:00

Sunday, July 29 SMRR will hold its 2018 Convention at John Adams Middle School starting at 1:00 PM. Sign-in starts at 12:30 PM. This meeting provides the opportunity for SMRR members to determine which candidates for local office and which local ballot measures will receive the support of the organization in the November election campaign.

We will also be voting on endorsements for local initiatives.

You must be present to vote, and your 2018 dues must be paid. Dues are $35 per calendar year; $15 for hardship. New SMRR members who joined prior to April 30, 2018 are eligible to vote.

Members from 2017 who still owe 2018 dues may renew up to and at the convention to vote. Renewing online ASAP by clicking "Donate" is strongly encouraged and will facilitate the check-in procedure.

If you have paid your 2018 dues, please consider making a generous contribution to help elect candidates who are committed to protecting our homes and community.

John Adams Cafeteria

John Adams Middle School, 2425 16th St, is located between Pearl St & Ocean Park Blvd. Parking is available at the Will Rogers Elementary School Parking Lot which is on the west side of 16th. There is street parking on Pearl St on the north side of the John Adams campus. The John Adams West Gate (in the photo) is across the street from the Will Rogers Parking Lot.

The John Adams Cafeteria is adjacent to 17th Street on the east side of John Adams Middle School campus. There is a gate (East Gate in the photo) on 17th Street. The entrance to the Cafeteria is on the south side of the building.

There will be a lot of construction going on around the school grounds. Please follow all of the posted signs that will guide you to the cafeteria entrance. Thank you.

John Adams Middle School Cafeteria


SMRR Convention Candidate Interviews