2018 SMRR Candidate Interviews

SMRR will hold interviews for candidates seeking our endorsement. These interviews are open to SMRR members only.

The interviews will take place July 22nd between 10am and 4pm at the Santa Monica/Malibu Classroom Teachers Association office located at 1508 18th St. Parking is scarce so please consider alternative means of transportation.

Interview Schedule

July 22, 2018

Time Office at 1508 18th Street, SM
9:30 AM Steering Committee closed session meeting
10 AM City Council
11:20 AM Break
11:30 AM Rent Control Board
12:10 PM Santa Monica College
12:25 PM Steering Committee lunch break
1:30 PM
Rent Control Board (continued)
2:10 PM
Santa Monica College (continued)
2:40 PM
3:40 PM
Santa Monica College (continued)
3:55 PM
4:10 PM
Steering Committee closed session meeting

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