From Renters Write - March 2014

Platform Meeting, March 23rd

At the SMRR Platform meeting on March 23rd we are only looking at refinements to Housing, Transportation, and Development topics which are contained in Sections A, B, D and E-5 of the current SMRR Platform. These sections will be available for downloading at

You have no doubt heard that Congressman Henry Waxman has announced his retirement at the end of his term this year. We would like to thank Henry Waxman for 40 years of exemplary service. It has been very comforting to know that Congressman Waxman has had our back.

Congressman Waxman’s pending retirement has intensified interest in several offices in districts which encompass Santa Monica. Therefore we will be considering endorsements for the 33rd Congressional District, State Assembly District 50, State Senate District 26, and Los Angeles County Supervisorial District 3.